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Spring Forward!

Today is the first day of Daylight Savings time, and its a gorgeous proto-Spring day out there - perfect for visiting the garden plot to plant peas n' potatoes!

But first: let me show you the progress of the seed tray experiment:

Again, from left to right:
Gourmet Lettuce Mix, Spinach, Collards, Turnips, Green Onions and Kohlrabi.

After this photo was taken, I played the Angel of Death and snipped off all but the strongest sprout of each peat pod. It was a tasty massacre. The sprouts will sit in the sunny window for a few days then will begin the process of hardening off by going outside for a few hours of the day. I expect I will actually plant them out in the garden in another 10 days or so. Between now and then I may take Amy's advice and transfer them to a temporary holding pot made of newspaper and molded on a wine bottle.

Then! it was out to the garden with Mom. We had a long list of things to accomplish.

Turning over the remaining three beds.
Digging along the back fence for a place to put more peas
Erecting trellises for the peas
Planting peas
Planting 5 rows of carrots, 5 of radishes, a ton of onions (sweet, red and yellow)

Planting the three beds of potatoes. Mom even helped me make a video tutorial postcard for my sister who lives out in Colorado and covets our relatively long growing season!

please ignore the non-camera ready hair and the down-shirt shots. koff

And lastly, I told my horrified mother that I was going to be trying a new HEY! SCIENCE! experiment this year for organic fertilizing the garden. PEE! Yes - human urine watered down 1:20. Hey, Mother Earth News told me it was a good idea, and as I have said, this year is all about saving cash in the garden. Pee is free.

yes Mom: I'll still eat the produce. But no one is allowed to pee in my garden but me, thanks.

Later gaters!


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Mar. 14th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks a bunch! :)
Just watched your vid on potato planting, thanks so much for filming that Mom & Karen! I was JUST thinking about possibly planting potatoes this year in my deck boxes -- what do you think, two potatoes per box? Since they get a little unsightly I may just try them in one box this year. Can I use organic potatoes from the store?

And by the way, I'm interested to hear about the pee experiment. I, too, have read about the benefits of "liquid gold" and I'm curious about the effects of pee on the psyche when consuming said veggies. Heehee... Wonder if Dad'll still eat them? :)
Mar. 14th, 2011 04:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Thanks a bunch! :)
hee! I don't know what the big hang up is about the idea of using pee, honestly. Veggies grow in boxes filled with worm poop (if you're lucky enough to have worms). You just wash it off before you eat it. :D I'm going to do an experiment with using the fertilizer in some beds and not others and see if I can see a difference. Last year's trials of two different organic fertilizers provided inconclusive evidence that it helped at all, but there's no harm in trying something that won't damage the soil, right? As for Dad? well... I will fully disclose whether the veggies I bring over are in the "treated" or "untreated" beds. He can decide for himself whether he finds it distateful, but hey: he's amazingly open minded about some things! :D

As for planting potatoes in boxes, sure, why not try it? I'd just do one at first though to see how it goes (gardening is all about learning what works for you.) Yes, you should be able to use organic potatoes as they haven't been treated with anything to slow the sprouting that would otherwise negatively affect a potato for eating, but make SURE its organic.

Also, as has been pointed out by several of my friends (and Mom) - I did not cut the seed potatoes before I planted them - you certainly can, as long as you let them sit out for a few days to dry the cut surfaces before sticking them in the dirt, thereby doubling the number of starts you have available. As is my way, I WAY overbought what I needed for my limited space, so did not feel the need to divide up what I had. As it is, I have enough extras to try a few crazy experiments around the house using other spaces for potato-growing.

I planted a ton of peas in containers to go on the deck this morning and will be posting about that shortly! I thought of you the whole time.

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